During the school year, college students are required to write essays on various different topics. You may have to write an essay for a college application, or for any of the courses that you are taking such as English or Psychology. The majority of the time, your lecturer will provide you with the topics to write your essay on; however, there will be times when you have the opportunity to choose your own essay topics for college students.

College application

A good essay topic for a college application is one on self-evaluation. You can write an evaluation of yourself from the point of view of a friend or anyone else other than yourself. Describe the kind of person that you see. Often people describe themselves as respectful, hard-working, caring and so on. Evaluate the way that you act to determine if the attributes that you ascribe to yourself correlate. You can discuss whether the way you see yourself is how others see you. You could also write about your future plans. Here, you can discuss the reasons behind the career path that you have chosen. In this essay you would describe the classes you took, or any specific events that lead to making your decision.


Essay topics for college students include an argumentative topic involving a-for-or-against discussion. You may write an essay on the issue of whether or not sexual education should be taught in schools. Your argument can include things such as the appropriate age students should be introduced to such material. You could argue for or against an increase in funding for sex education, and whether you think that it will assist in the reduction of teenage pregnancy. You can use polls and statistics to support your argument. Another argumentative topic could be public versus private school education. One area of discussion to focus on is the issue of diversity in terms of socializing with people of a different socio-economic background than you. Do private schools shield children from reality? Do children in private school education have a better education than those who attend public school? These are all issues you could raise in a debate about public versus private school education.


Essay topics for college students include controversial subject matters. You may want to discuss an issue such as insanity in a criminal case; you can state whether or not you agree that the defense is valid, if you think such a defense should be upheld in court. Talk about how you think the mentally ill should stand trial; should they be tried as if they did not suffer from a mental illness? If you are an advocate of the insanity defense, discuss what you think should happen to criminals who are categorized as legally insane. Should they be held in a mental institution as their punishment? Whatever you argue support it with statistics and facts. Religion is a broad topic because there are so many different religions; however, it is a controversial subject especially since the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. You can narrow the scope of religion by asking a question that has a yes or no answer you can build a discussion around. A typical question may be “Is Religion good for the world?” Despite your stance on the subject, you will need to conduct research into the positive and negative sides of religion so that you have the facts to back up each side of the debate.


Essay topics for college students include persuasive subjects. Here you would make an attempt to get the reader to see something from your point of view. You could choose a subject such as teenagers under the age of 15 having a curfew. Discuss what time you feel teenagers should be allowed to return home in the evenings and why. Should the curfew apply if teenagers are out with responsible adults? If you don’t agree that teenagers should have a curfew, discuss your reasons why and support your views with factual evidence.

Whatever topic that you decide to write about, the most important element when writing an essay is that you research your subject matter. You will need to support your opinions with factual evidence in order to give your argument credibility.