Techniques of Fishing – Different Types of Fishing


A fish can be caught in a variety of ways. You can capture it with your hands, impale it with a spear, hook it, trap it, and detonate an explosive on it (not recommended and even illegal). Because we’ve been fishing and eating fish for 40,000 years, we’ve had plenty of time to develop new techniques to catch fish.

Here are some more common and less popular fishing methods and types:

Noodling is a type of hand fishing popular in the southern United States. Catfish are caught by fishing with one’s hand into a catfish hole where the fish resides.

Every August, a type of fishing known as flounder tramping is done in the Scottish community of Palnackie. Stamping on flounder (a flatfish species) is a sport where people compete to capture them.

Spearfishing is the sport of fishing using spears, including harpoons, tridents, arrows, Hawaiian slings, and spearguns.

Net fishing is a type of fishing that involves fishing nets. There are numerous different types of nets for various functions and fish. A cast net (also known as a throw net) is a smaller spherical net with weights attached to the edges. Gillnets are vertically put in water and catch fish that try to pass through them (using a mix of weights and floats). Trawl nets are enormous, conical nets that are trailed behind a ship.
Fishing with a hook (angle), line, and rod is angling. The theme is baited and occasionally has a sinker attached.

Artificial flies are used as lures in fly fishing, with specially designed fly rods and fly lines. Handcrafted artificial flies come in a variety of forms.
Bottom fishing refers to angling using a heavyweight at the water’s depths. It may be done from both boats and ground to catch bottom-dwelling fish.

Angling through a hole in the ice at the time of year when a body of water is frozen is known as ice fishing.
A float tube is a small inflatable watercraft used for fishing (very small). It’s utilized in fly fishing, and fisherman who uses it don’t startle the fish by splashing them.
Kite fishing utilizes kites to transport lines and fishhooks to difficult-to-reach locations. It was created in China and is still used in New Guinea and other Pacific Islands today.

Trapping is a type of fishing that involves the use of traps.

Weaved from branches, basket weir fish traps allow a fish to enter but not depart. Lobster traps are similar to basket traps in size and compartments; however, they are smaller. A fishing weir is a big trap built of logs and fences put in water to prevent fish from entering areas of the web that they can’t leave.

Since the 14th century, cormorant fishing has been practiced in China and Japan. It employs trained cormorants with a ring around their necks that prohibits them from swallowing the fish they catch. Instead, it transports the bird to the angler.

Electrofishing is a technology employed by fisheries experts in freshwater. Electricity is used to shock fish, count the number of fish in the population, and then release the fish into the uninjured water.

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