Techniques of Fishing – Different Types of Fishing


A fish can be caught in a variety of ways. You can capture it with your hands, impale it with a spear, hook it, trap it, and detonate an explosive on it (not recommended and even illegal). Because we’ve been fishing and eating fish for 40,000 years, we’ve had plenty of time to develop new […]

The Various Methods of Catching and Fishing for Grouper


For most anglers, the grouper is the most iconic bottom fish. Whether red, gag, black, yellowfin, or Warsaw, a nice grouper in the ice chest symbolizes a successful day for many people. Where Can You Find Them? The range of several grouper species extends from New England to southern Brazil and Texas. They may be […]

Is Garbage Fish (Trash Fish) Safe to Eat?

Gareth (Lepisosteiformes spp.) Gar are sometimes referred to as garbage fish since they are not gamefish and are generally assumed to be inedible. On the other hand, Gar may be eaten, and when hooked, they fight strongly. This is an ancient species, a needle-nosed armored fish that looks like a sturgeon and can grow to […]

Trolling and dolphin fishing

Summertime on the Atlantic coast means dolphin (Mahi-mahi or dorado) fishing. While dolphins may be found throughout the Gulf of Mexico and the southern Pacific and off Hawaii, Mexico, and South America, the Southeastern US coast is known for summertime dolphin fishing. Where Will We Go Fishing? On the other hand, the Gulfstream is the […]

Tips for Saltwater Fishing

Most young anglers learn to fish in a freshwater lake, river, creek, or pond. Small rural farm ponds may be great to learn and practice important angling tactics like improving casting distance and properly presenting your lure or bait. On the other hand, the sea retains a unique appeal for many ardent fishers. Those who […]

An Introduction to Cane Pole Fishing in Freshwater


Return to cane pole fishing if you truly want to keep things simple when fishing. This is one of the most basic tackles you can employ, but it’s still a lot of fun. A pole, line, and hook are all you’ll need. A sinker and cork are useful for some types of cane pole fishing, […]

What Is the Definition of “Fishing”?


Though “fishing” may appear to be a phrase that doesn’t need to be defined, with roughly 38 million people participating in the sport—the majority of whom are amateurs rather than commercial fishermen—it worth it’s considering. “Fishing” is legally defined as the act of catching wild fish or other aquatic species from bodies of water, whether […]

Essentials for First Time Anglers


Rod and Reel Essentials for First-Time Anglers Rod and Reel When it comes to choosing angling gear, you can go from moderate to crazy, just like with most other activities. Every fishing style has its own rods and reels, but the key for first-time fisherman is to keep things simple. You should seek for a […]